About Me

Pat Koharik   Fiber Artist

When I was 5 years old,  I received a crochet potholder kit for Christmas.  No one knew that this gift would start what has become a lifelong interest in fiber arts.  That year, my grandmother taught me to crochet, and the following year my mother taught me how to knit.  Recognizing my interest, subsequent gifts included other sewing items and ultimately a sewing machine.  In high school, I took every sewing course available, and graduated from college with a degree in Home Economics.   Recently, I have retired from a 35 year career in teaching.

Ewe Got Socks is a small shop specializing in items that are made the Circular Sock Machine. I currently own 2 machines; a 2012 Erlbacher Gearhart, and an antique 1908 Gearhart. They both operate in the same way by hand cranking. There is a video below that show how the machine works.   The socks, dolls and hand warmers you see listed on the site were hand-cranked on one of my sock machines. Each item is finished by hand.

What I also offer in the area of fiber arts on this site are unique items that combine my knowledge of fiber with garment construction and craft skills.   Many of these skills were self taught, while other skills were learned through seminars and workshops.  Some of my items are constructed with yarn and cloth, while others are made from repurposed materials.  Tablet cases, and pursess are available for purchase.   All items are professionally finished and include care instructions. 

I do commissioned work, so please contact me for information regarding something special you want created.